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The Greenlight Retirement Program™ is a collection of defined contribution registered pension plans, each with a different sponsor. The purpose of the Greenlight Retirement Program™ is to consolidate the governance function for all sponsors in a single comprehensive governance program. This will allow each sponsor to discharge their fiduciary duties within a reasonable level of cost.

This program is in direct response to the Joint Forum of Financial Market Regulators' guidelines for the operation of capital accumulation plans (CAP) released in May 2004. CAPs include DC pension plans, group RRSPs and deferred profit sharing plans. The CAP guidelines are intended to clarify the rights and responsibilities of CAP sponsors, CAP members and service providers, and to seek to ensure that there is a similar “regulatory result” for all CAP products and services. The Joint Forum says the guidelines are meant to reflect the expectations of regulators and the industry best practices.

Illustrated below is how CAPs have been impacted by these guidelines and how the Greenlight Retirement Program™ has the answer to these new challenges for your plan:

Gain the peace of mind The Green Light Retirement Program™ offers...
Reasons why employers are hiring The Benefits Company and our exclusive:

Greenlight Retirement Program™

  • To have The Green Light Retirement Program™ share the fiduciary that has emerged as a result of the NEW CAP/APSA guidelines.
  • To provide the independent fund analysis and recommendation of funds that is outlined in the CAP/CAPSA guidelines.
  • To provide the independent employee counseling for fund selection and retirement planning that is outlined in the CAP/CAPSA guidelines.
  • To assist with regulatory filings and the required documentation of policies and procedures detailed in the guidelines.
  • To be the Pension Committee.