The Greenlight Retirement Program™ starts from the beginning by making sure that the Board has approved the plan and is aware of its fiduciary duties.  This approach helps ensure that appropriate resources are dedicated to operating the plan and to faciliate oversight of the governance process.

The Greenlight Retirement Program™ is designed for Plan Sponsors of registered pension plans.  The purpose of the program is to facilitate long-term savings to generate adequate retirement income.  All Members of the Greenlight Retirement Program™ receive this message.

The Greenlight Retirement Program™ Governance Committee Charter provides clear guidelines for responsibilities of the CAP sponsor, CAP members as well as recordkeepers, investment managers and the program's Certified Advisors.

For each carrier recognized under the Greenlight Retirement Program™ an investment menu has been chosen which ensures that Plan Members will have access to a broad range of asset classes as well as multiple investment manager styles.

The Greenlight Retirement Program™ specifies a balanced fund as its default option.  This has been the case since the inception of the program and there is a growing industry trend to move away from money market investments as a default due to the fact that some participants remain in the default fund for many years.

The majority of members on the Greenlight Retirement Program™ Governance Committee are liscenced professionals experienced in retirement investments.  In addition, on a periodic basis, the Governance Committee engages the services of a third-party investment advisor who is independent from all recordkeepers to provide an opinion on the menu of investments.

The Greenlight Governance Committee meets every quarter to review the investment performance of the managers and the investment funds.  With the use of Morningstar's™ proprietary and comprehensive investment analytics tool, the committee has access to a wealth of quantitative measures to compare fund performance to industry benchmarks and peer funds.

In addition to the information and tools available through the recordkeeper, The Greenlight Program provides every member access to a qualified planner through its "one-on-one" retirement planning service.

The Greenlight Retirement Program™ gives every member access to a liscenced advisor to assist in retirement planning.  With a signed waiver reliving the sponsor of any responsibility, these advisors can also provide member with advice on investments and other savings products.  This access to an advisor helps mitigate the possiblity of future claims against the Plan Sponsor of insufficient Plan Member support.

The Greenlight Retirement Program Governance Committee meets with each recordkeeper once each year.  In total, four recordkeepers are interviewed each year.  This system of interviews allow the Governance Committee to identify service shortfalls by each recordkeeper and to address these opportunities for improvement.

The Benefits Company tracks required filings and provide a system of follow-ups to allow clients to succeed in on-time filings.

The Greenlight Retirement Program™ Governance Committee reviews its Charter each year to consider opportunities for improvement.  In addition, on a periodic basis, external counsultants and lawyers are engaged to provide advice on the program's operation.